This blog post is going to be a list of prayers for the people who I have been praying about and thinking about lately. The listed people are not just strictly the people I have been praying about because I do try to pray about everyone around my life but the most recent people or topics that is occurring to me.

Mom+Dad: I pray that your marriage and dedication can be a reminder to those around you that God is good and faithful. I just want to say that I pray that I can be a direct reflection of the teachings you have given me and that God can use me benefit those around me because of how you guys raised me. I pray that your continued hard work to never stop pursuing Him will allow others to come to know the sweet grace of Jesus Christ.

Rebecca: I pray that you will find confidence in God. I know how much you struggle with self-image and confidence but I pray that you don’t find so much hope in a single man’s words or even ours but in Gods truths. You were created so beautifully Rebecca and I pray you realize that you have Him. I know you have been pretty inconsistent going to church and I know I have been annoying you about attending but Rebecca I hope you know I only want you to go to Heaven one day. For our whole family to be together again one day, I pray for that. Also YOU ARE A FRESHMEN in college I pray that God can use your incredible brilliance to shine the world you touch, you are so smart, so much smarter than me, so use your brain well in college because I won’t be able to help you on those math questions you come to me about anymore but I am confident that you will do so well in College.

Youth group friends: To all my youth group friends, I pray that you guys can build up a safe community that anyone can enter. I know from personal experience it was the biggest struggle of mine to really have newcomers come in and feel welcomed I pray that you guys can work on the things I wasn’t able to address. Just from seeing you guys work so hard to improve YSY has been so encouraging from an alumni point of view and I pray you guys continue this success. Each and every one of you guys will do great things to expand the kingdom of Heaven. I know you guys have so much work and go through so much as teens but God is doing great things in your lives that you cannot see. Dating/sports/highschool friends/popularity ALL those things are not permanent TRUST me, I pray that you guys know that your identity isn’t in those things but in the Father. I am praying that you guys never lose sight of Him even in the lowest of valleys.

Alex Yi: I pray that you continue to find a new group of brothers/sisters in YA that can be so helpful in your professional career but also your personal growth. I want to say that God really did provide me with the perfect older brother when I entered college and you did so much to help me to where I am. I pray that you continue to be a shining light to those around you and that God may truly utilize you with all your gifts. I pray that you can also find a job that best suits you and hopefully soon!

Jay Park: I pray for your strength to be renewed everyday to serve those around you. You have been at Drexel RCF since the beginning as well and you helped foster this community to where it is right now. Your dedication and steadfastness is for sure from God and I hope you continue to bring it everyday. Recently you have been telling me how much of a struggle it has been for you to reach out and meet up with people. I want to pray that you can find so much strength and energy in Him, that the people you talk to and converse with are so touched by your words and your personality. Continue to be the servant leader many people look up to through your actions Jay! :)

Tim+Joyce: I know that your relationship hasn’t been the most welcomed by certain individuals of this community and I know that I am included into that. I pray that you guys know that I really do know that I care for you guys so much that I only want to express what I think is correct. God is doing good works into your lives and I pray that the relationship of yours last a long time. I pray that your relationship can reflect biblical love and how God can be THE cornerstone of a christian relationship. I pray that Tim you will lead Joyce and your friends/family the way God plans it, I pray that the temptations of this world will not overcome the great grace of Jesus. Joyce, I pray that you will be able to support your awesome family in so many ways, know you have so much heart for people so I hope you can continue to show that support to everyone around you.

Albert+Brian: I pray that you guys will come and begin your servanthood with wisdom and patience. It is exciting to have you guys step up and I cannot wait for what good works God has in store with you guys. I know you guys will do sooooo well in helping the community around you. I pray that you guys have the patience though to not be discouraged by certain actions and people of the community or even just to know that big changes don’t happen over night but over the course of a year. Do not lose sight of why you guys decided to serve and also I pray for your families back at home. I have been so blessed by your families and their love for you guys, I pray that they are financially as well as health-wise secure.

Gloria Choi: To my single accountability group member LOL: I know that you have been so busy with work and other things but I pray that you can also find rest in Him. You do so much for this community and I pray that you won’t be burnt out so quickly with the amount of responsibility of this year. You have shared with me that you want to initiate your bible reading plan this summer and I hope you have been reading. I remember when you told me about your brother and his struggles, I pray that even though I don’t know the specifics that you know God is helping him as well. Do not look to what is seen Gloria, God is working in you in so many ways you aren’t aware of and I pray that your new servanthood role will allow you to grow the way that you expressed with me.

Susanna Han: I pray that you find comfort in God’s ever-extending love for you. You have been through so much and so much has been so unfair to you but I pray that you know that no one person can be the answers to what you are looking for. I pray that God can be the shining figure in your life, whether in a relationship or just in life. YOUR works are a direct reflection of what community should look like and I pray you continue to know that.

Hannah Kim: You share with me so much of your struggles. Your burdens are so heavy and I know you cry a lot because they hurt in too many ways than I know but I pray that God can be your cornerstone in those times of struggles. I pray that you know God loves you so much and your personal struggles are not dealt with alone. I pray that you have unshakeable faith in your deepest struggles Hannah! Press F for faith LOL.

Pineapple Bros: I have so much respect for every single one of you guys. For the brief time I have gotten to know you guys I know you are so committed and dedicated to the fraternity and how it grows. I pray that each one of you guys never lose your motivation for what you care for. The day will come where every single one of us will separate and go our own ways but I pray that God will keep you safe and secure. Whether or not you guys know I pray for a life that will reflect this brotherhood we are so committed towards onto others. I pray that each and every one of you come to the truth of God one day and I hope I can be an outlet now or later to do that but LETS HAVE THIS BROTHERHOOD IN HEAVEN. #PaPhi❤

Renewal College Fellowship: This particular prayer is for the pastors of RCF. I pray that you know how much we all appreciate your hard work for. PDan, PJohn, PPaul, and PJustin HAHAH (thats weird to say) thank you so much for your dedication to RCF and I pray that God continues to bless your lives with new people who come through to RCF. You guys are my personal reminders of what steadfast love looks like and I thank God for all that you guys have been doing in our lives.

Naomi Lee: I haven’t been able to say this to you yet but I wanted to thank you. God has clearly shown me great grace in my life through you and I don’t think I have done a great job of appreciating that. I pray that you will be able to grow so much spiritually/emotionally/mentally throughout your time at USCI. As you begin to step up as a servant I just want to pray that you realize that all the sufferings you experience are not seen as solely hardships but also low-key blessings, that through the disappointments and un-kept commitments people will bring, you will grow so much as a sister in christ. I can only trust that your community will help foster great leadership within you and I pray that they will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself! Our path may or may not transpire again in the future but regardless I pray that we can be for each others hearts first as children of God.

Drexel RCF: I pray that this community can emulate your kingdom above. That though we are not perfect and though we have so many shortcomings we can be a community that does its job to help others come to know you and feel at peace. I continue to pray that this community will grow in numbers but also in faith, there are so many newcomers in this community that I pray will accept and know God truly. Pray that this community has faith in Him continually and that we can be a light for Drexel !!


Prayers without action is also something I need to realize, I cannot just pray for these things without putting in the work I need to do as well. There are so many people that support me that are not in this post. I can already think of like 10 other people that I didn’t list but I am praying for you guys all. I am so far from perfection and truly I wish I could be perfect because then life would be easier but God is showing me through the failures of my own that I need Him more than ever. If I trust in Him I need to continue to show that I trust in Him through my actions. Living a life that reflects trust and complete satisfaction in Him alone, I hope I can do that at the every least.

Thanks for reading this incredibly long post but I hope that whether you are a friend or not of mine that God will also show you great love and his plan will be revealed to you in the future!! :)

P.S. The sixers are going to be so lit this year I cannot wait #ttp #we #all #know #JoelEmbiid #will #be #MVP.

Romans 12:3

“For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.”

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