Speculative Risks

This life we all go through is filled with gains and losses. These blogs I will be writing, mainly out of the curiosity of what will I be gaining from them, will be a snippet of my life and what I have gained and loss throughout my time here in this life.

There is a topic of discussion I want to bring up to those this concerns and it is the HUGE idea of what happens to us when we die. Now without getting too religious or even philosophical about it I just have been thinking about death not from like my christian background but more so of a regular person I guess. My friend asked me the other day “Have you ever thought about the fact that there is a possibility of when you die your whole existence is gone and you wake up to the dark?”. I was kinda stunned like how was I suppose to answer that. I just said “yeah I guess I have thought about it like that” and kind of left the convo like that.

But I lingered onto that thought and the weirdest thought popped in me said saying “Is my life really composed of 70–80 years and then BAM, NOTHING”. Like what risks will you take in this life then. Am I investing my time wisely right now or am I living the way I want to live? Its a lot to process and truthfully I just want to live my life without like that thought ever coming up again.

To conclude everything, if life is just gonna end like that with the biggest anti-climatic answer to the enormous question of “what happens when you die?” then the life I want to live would/should be a life only to satisfy my needs and wants. But I am Christian which entails a whole different theological view and mindset on my stance of the issue on what happens to when we die, however that is a convo for another day.

I want to leave off with this thought to everyone who reads this, what would be your biggest gain and loss in your life up to this moment? Can you satisfyingly say that you can die knowing your gain has trumped all your losses?

Anyways peace out.

P.S. I don’t write so if I have a lot of errors lemme know I want to get better!

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