Week 13 Recap

Joey Gups knocked Fraser out of the playoffs with a win. Mike’s win over Johnny, locked him into the playoffs. Even with a loss, George got in with Fraser’s loss. Kevin failed to knock Bobby J out like he said he would, launching his Kaepernick-ass into the playoffs.

Leaving Fraser, Joey, Kenny, & Timmy out of the playoffs.

Timmy Kelly aka “White Asshole” is the winning loser of the group. Or should I say we all lose having to see your “white asshole” in a dress. Will the loser of this year actually wear a dress this time around? Time will tell…

Playoff Matchups

Bobby Mets & Johnny Fish both have first week byes.

Mike vs Bobby J

Kevin vs George

Here is a quick flash of what is to come…..

The prettiest white asshole we know

Good luck to no one, as always hope you all lose — from Commish

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