Week 5 Recap:

Kevin Red Dick Cubby finally LOST and his trash talk leading up to the matchup vs Bobby-Mets was “ok” but mid day Sunday, he shut down after noticing he was going to get his ass handed to him. So instead, zero shit talk the rest of the day, basically said “🎩s off” to Bobby-Mets and turned his attention to two questionable “chicks” at Toomeys and kissing Naked Rich. Kevin lost by 51.72 points…haaaa!

This is what a loss looks like!!


Nothing much changed in the standings, still only 5 weeks into the season so anything is still possible, maybe. Kevin & Johnny at 4–1. Timmy, Kenny, & Joey are 1–4. The commish is barely hanging on to his first two weeks wins, as dropped three in a row and has the lowest amount of points scored at 409.


Week 6 Matchups:

Timmy 1–4 vs Kevin 4–1: Will Kevin make Timmy cum or will Timmy be cum’d on by Kevin??

Commish Fraser 2–3 has another bad matchup going against Johnny at 4–1.

Bobby-Mets 3–3 coming in strong on the shit talking vs Joey Gups 1–4, we’ll see if Jade’s Whip will give Gups his second win or will just add more scars to his ass.

Bobby J 3–2 vs George 3–2, who will jump the other person to 4–2

Mike’s Team surprising everyone at 3–2 going up against a boring team of Kenny’s 1–4.

Hope you all lose — Commish