Welcome to the Weekly Should’a Could’a Would’a Recap

(I am a week late, but I’m planning on doing this each week. Oh and by the way…..you all can suck it!)

Week ONE Recap

George had the highest total points at 110.10 vs Kelly 106.86

Kenny had the lowest total points at 79.36 vs Bobby Mets 108.50

Week TWO Recap

Bobby J had the highest total points at 135.44 vs Kelly 88.02

Joey Gups had the lowest total points at 75.76 vs Mike 86.02

There is only THREE 2 — 0 teams after two weeks of play

(Johnny, Cubby, & Fraser)

We had our FIRST TRADE of the year this week, with Bobby Mets and Cubby.

(I.Crowell CLE RB and S.Diggs MIN WR)

INJURY REPORT: Over the past two weeks, some major Key players went down. Danny Woodhead DONE, Keenan Allen DONE, Teddy Bridgewater DONE, & Tony Romo DONE (because of Cubby drafting him Romo).

APeterson left the game with a knee injury, we’ll see how long he will be really out for, looking like 3 — 4 weeks. BMarshall looked like he was going to be done for the season after his knee got twisted up, ended up coming back into the game later on without gloves and did what he always does. We’ll see if he can get back on the field Sunday vs the Chiefs. AAbdullah left with a foot injury, looking like 1 — 2 weeks out.

Week THREE Key MatchUps:

Fraser 2 — 0 vs Cubby 2 — 0 (who will be 3 — 0)

The other 2 — 0 team, Johnny, going up against 0 — 2 Kelly

(Two teams, two bald brothers, two losers, only two to not pay the league fee yet, two cops, two with zero wins)

Joey Gups 0 — 2 vs Kenny 0 — 2

(who will be 0 — 3)

Senseless Stats:

Matty Ice Ryan has the most QB points 53.20 (Kelly)

DeAngelo Smokin Williams has the most RB points 48.30 (Bobby J)

Kelvin Benjamin has the most WR points 37.90 (Bobby J)

Greg Stupid Olsen has the most TE points 25.50 (Kelly)

CAR Graham WhoCares Gano has the most K points 27.00 (Johnny)

Minnesota has the most DEF points 33.00 (Bobby J)

We’ll see what Week THREE brings..

— Commish

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