Demonizing Russia: Fake News And The Conflict Of Interest Involving Amazon, The Washington Post…

Ignorant people called them the ilumminatti,this guys never had any connection with masonry,this Shills are The Democratic Party,its irony that global elitists,Bankers,private companies,using the far right extremists to promote inner chaos on United States,shoud called themselves democrats,they arent.One other hand,CIA is a military agency,that we dont know if Pentagon have full control,because they are too much invisible,to audit some acts,by some field agents,a secret agency,must not has independecy levels like this one,we dont know wich side they are.The Real Evil has a name,George Soros,he is behind mass media left wings,SJWs extremists,socialists,riots and order disturb around the world,US thinks that the islam are the terrorists,but Soros is the main terrorist,he has a lot of money,they pay bad guys to start fire on vunerable countries.