Tips for Going Cheap at the Ball Game

Going to a ball game used cost just $1.00 back in the 1920’s. We know, inflation plays a part. But common, that’s insane. Don’t believe me? Check out an article from CBS on the Economics of Baseball.

Nowadays, it’ll cost you an arm and a leg (almost literally) to try and attend a weekend game at Citi Field, let alone a post-season game. Don’t even get me started on that. Try taking a family of 4 to the ball park for a game and dinner and it’ll cost you upwards of $400, at a minimum.

Here are 5 ways to save money at the ol’ ball game, but only if you have the guts to try some of these risky moves.

Bring booze in a bottle {high risk}

You may have trouble getting away with this at a professional game. Security will snag that out of your bag as fast as a Syndergaard fastball. This trick may work at a minor league game. The other way to go is to make sure you do all of your game time drinking during the pre-game in the parking lot. Just hope the buzz lasts into at least the 3rd inning!

Fake Media Pass {ultra high risk}

You might want to dive back into Photoshop or learn some new skills if you’re gonna pull this off. But it could land you at a Game 7 in the NBA Finals like this kid from Texas. He acted like he belonged and got in free to watch the Warriors vs. the Cavs in the biggest game of last year. The key here is to act like you own the place and walk right through — but do you have the guts for that?

DIY Jerseys and Gear {low risk, but highly time consuming}

Only a true super mom can pull this off. But why not pull together some old shirts and whip them into an outfit for the game time? No better way to save money than to hold off on buying a $40 licensed T-Shirt and manufacturing your own for free.

Park far away from the Ballpark {risk level dependent on crime rates in the area}

Did you know parking is $24 at Citi Field? Does Citi Field know you can take the 7 train right to the stadium, for a grand total of $3? (fine, $6 if it’s round trip). But $24 seems like robbery — just park a few blocks from the stadium if you can find street parking, or jump on the 7 train and join the 7 Line Army. If you don’t live in NY or trains don’t go to stadiums by you, we suggest the parking a few blocks away suggestion. But, be sure to know the neighborhood you’re parking in before your 4 wheels drive off with someone else riding shotgun.

Share your burger and fries {risk being hungry, but really just being smart}

People are more and more health conscious these days. Plus, if you combine that with the cost of eating at the ballpark, it makes perfect sense to chow down before game-time and split that burger and fries. Great way to save both calories as well as cash.

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