Jeff Bezos’s $150 Billion Fortune Is a Policy Failure
The Atlantic

Or maybe Bezos’ success is due to Amazon providing millions upon millions of people with attractively-priced goods at the click of a button and making a profit. Just like movie stars and sports heroes make inordinate amounts of money, it is because they entertain an inordinate amount of people. The market (more or less) sets the price.

I am a small-business, small government-minded guy. I do not think large organizations are good either, as they are often inefficient, resist change, and take a long time to collapse since they spend lots of time propping themselves up through subsidies and political favors.

Maybe better to rail against concentrations of political power? Reduce the power that Washington, DC, has over the economy, and maybe we’d have a more level playing field without lobbyists ruling the day for their special interests. It is a sad day when the counties around DC are the wealthiest. They are not warehouse workers.

But comparing Bezos’ wealth to the Amazon workers or the average family income is a nonsensical argument. It is emotional. Also, without Amazon, where would those folks be working?

Thou shalt not covet thy billionaires’ wealth. (Not in the Bible.)