470 “ads,” 📌Home Decor, and the Internet
Jonathan Albright

Mr. Albright. Thank you for your what I’m sure is an honest response to tough criticism. In particular, I appreciated your explanation here of context and concerns about Russian or anyone’s manipulation of our political process. As you noted, it isn’t your fault how anyone chooses to selectively edit or use your studies. However in the present political atmosphere you must realize how your analysis of Russia will be taken. I would urge you to make your big picture concern about structural problems in social media much more clear in all your public writings. Perhaps even extend your studies to include other actors’ efforts to influence democracy. (Has anyone for example looked at U.S. intelligence agencies on-line activities?) Without making clearer that your real concern is not just Russia but how our entire online experience can be manipulated, you run the risk (as you mentioned) of being part of another kind of manipulation. I’m certain that is not part of your intent and look forward to more of your important work.

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