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This was a moment that caught our LGBTQIA family by surprise.We were bursting with Pride.I immediately tried to connect with my Facebook friends,and share the photo (blog post) .I was told that there was a problem with my authorization .I repeatedly tried to find out why,and that went on until I had missed my window to be news .If anybody knows what they were up to,comment about this .I think this will stand for something much bigger than just LGBTQIA rights.Women ,blacks,latinos,and all minority peoples are being called to action by this little boy.We can not let the stream of prejudice and hatred continue in this century.We must be done with men from the Christian Right trying to make us insignificant,and immoral.We are all God’s children,not just White men .Loud ,hate-filled ,homophobes,and politicians that they prefer ,are trying to supress the joy of a more idealistic and Utopian future.The path we must take is clear,and as the Bible says… a ‘‘little child shall lead them.”