Few quick thoughts on Brexit
Chris Arnade

I am so angry that poorer people get caught up in belief systems that divide them from others,rather than try to learn about new things and other cultures.That is the philosophy that has added numbers of voters to the leave EU,and Republican /Tea party core.I call that hateful /fearful mindset us-ism.There is a terrible ,continual evasive habit of dividing every thing into us ,or them.Whatever is perceived as different from themselves is scary and bad =Them.If something ,or someone seems familiar it’s considered one of Us.The Right- wing politicians have continually used this instinct to incite fear and therefore add votes to ,or against their way of thinking.

I am so worried that these angry small minds will overtake the intelligent voters in number and install a demigod like Mr.Trump in the Oval office.The only sensible choice is Hillary Clinton,but American voters ,just like English /Welsh voters ,are not always sensible.

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