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I believe that after 2 elections wherein the Democrat lost to the Republican because of the electoral college,which is set up to give power to smaller states just so they’ll be happy,it’s time to live through the vote and see if they do what Hamilton asked them to do when he originally pushed the idea.I realize that many core reasons for its existence are based in protecting slavery,but without slavery that is not a useful determinate.I think Hamilton’s other point about tyrants has never been tested…until now.

We must ,in fact, hope and pray that Hamilton’s wisdom will prevail,and that over 30 people will switch their votes to Clinton,due to fear.It had once been a reason for other electoral college voters,but this number has never been tested.

Next,if he is indeed given the expected presidency,then our jobs are ridiculously complicated.We aren’t going anywhere,so every time he does anything that upsets us,as his cabinet certainly has,then we are going to have a field day with bashing him senseless for 4 years.We will also need to concentrate on liberal/progressive candidates that can knock the Republican majorities in congress.This will require intense grass-roots examinations ,and that should be the most important thing the new head of the DNC will do.After good choices for candidates,we need really good campaign managers that can raise money and beat Republicans at their evil games.Then,we need to split our image,but what else is new?The Republicans are a group that makes no sense.So,we can be a real rainbow.

We need to improve our image in the south and the rust belt as the folks that do things for the middle class-both white,black,and etc.We can stand for the poor,but we mustn’t forget the middle ,because in part of the country that’s the only way to win.Then,we need to flaunt our progressive liberal side to all youth voters everywhere.They need a candidate that is everything Trump is not,so we can run against him right off the bat.As for women,well…they are our largest problem.Apparently ,they are so convinced that Trump-Republicans are never going to strip the power that they have.The problem is,they are still struggling with inequality,so I’m not sure how to convince them they’re not safe with Pence/Trump at the helm.I believe the days of looking for qualified women candidates are over,because they may support women in the city,but not out in the nether regions.They are looking for someone that impresses them financially,and makes them believe they will have more spending money to support themselves and their causes.

Our inclusion of candidates of all racial and sexual type is far superior to Republicans and this is an area that we can’t back down on.We don’t need to use it as a campaign point.It is much better that those things are,and not that they are talked about in a boastful way.We can leave all the ridiculous boasting to Donald Trump.

I almost forgot.After making sure we can win back Washington,we need to vote for a completely different system of voting.We need a true popular democracy.The electoral college has seen its day come and go,unless we can use it this time to get rid of the Republican administration.

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