Centrism is Dead. Time to Rebuild the Left.
Tyler Norris

I don’t totally agree with you , but I don’t disagree either. I am considered by some of my friends to be a whiny, liberal Socialist . There are other friends that consider me to be too conservative for the progressive movement, and resented my intense support of Hillary Clinton, who I still believe should be President.So, who are we. I am not alone, because I speak with many friends every day that thought Bernie was too belligerent and should have stepped back and fully supported Hillary much sooner, and more graciously.

I find that we are a group of sensible souls that dream of a day when we can achieve a more fully socialised form of democracy. I support the fairvote.org campaign, and I also support Robert Reich and trying to end income inequality.So , I think there has to be a way to bring government back to a place where discussions can be held and compromises made. I realise that the rich have been getting by with highway robbery for years, but America doesn’t see that.

I live in Indiana, and suffered through Mike Pence, and I’m Gay. I dislike that he is my Vice President.I live next to Louisville, KY., where I grew up and heard my mother complain that Mitch McConnell’s parents were proud of their son, but didn’t necessarily agree with him. She heard this in Sunday School at a Baptist Church in Shelbyville, KY. I think the Red states need some love from the Democrats, and moving left isn’t going to achieve that.However, I think that opening up the co-alition and stopping the fighting is the answer. While moving left is my dream, I do not think it’s a winning proposition. We must elect local people in our party, and the smartest of them need to go to Washington. There’s going to be a mix of all sorts of people, but the biggest problem in America , and the main issue with 2016 would seem to be misogyny.

We gotta elect more women. We need Gay, straight, tall , short, Muslim, Jewish, christian, Atheist, fat, skinny,left, and right women in politics.We need them because it’s time , and we should have elected a woman as president already. I really love Elizabeth Warren, and Joe, and Caroline Kennedy, and Al Franken, and Corey Booker, and Maxine Waters, and I know I mess up names so I’m gonna stop, but Bernie isn’t the only Democrat, and he (like me) was a Socialist , at first. So, I think we need RuPaul to speak up, and Rachel Maddow, and we have people we love who will lead us. Heck , we got Meryl Streep and George Clooney.So, we can be centered and centrist and reach out to everybody, and win. As long as the far left behaves, and encourages the politicians that know how to lead, which are usually career politicians, then we will pull them to the voting booths the next few years.We WILL win, because Trump is doing all our advertising.

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