Does an Airfare Subscription Service Make Sense for Anyone but the Rich?
John McDermott

I ‘m old fashioned.I think the airways ,like the roads are a public place,not a private one.So,these people who by personal vehicles that guzzle gas and carry only rich people(like the owners),are offensive to anyone who believes we should do everything we can to reduce traffic .Larger airplanes should be able to find space for anyone ,even picky people.We should be travelling in trains and taking more time to get there,rather than disturb the air we breathe.I understand that every circumstance is different ,but spoiled Americans can create so much damage in their wake,that dealing with them seems like trying to recover from natural disasters.The government ,of the people,needs to shove these monopoly -hungry ,money-grubbing one percenters into a confined space and help them withdraw from them sick money addictions.We are headed to a new generation and capitlastim abusers are going to change their ways ,or wind up in prison.

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