When Heaven Isn’t Heaven
Chad Allen Zollinger

I saw your name in my notifications and clicked to find this gorgeous poem.I will tell youright this minute that I am being forward.I am trying to find a lyricist .I am hoping to write a musical about growing up as a Gay Christian.It is a varied work in my head ,that will cover many different characters coming out to the audience,and explaining what happened to them because their families had been told that LGBTQIA people are all going to “hell”.Ultimately I want humor and a happy ending about reconciliation,and forgiveness.I do believe that most churches are changing,but the rotten apples are still controlling the bunch.What happened at Pulse has lit a fire in me to start again,and I’m just a man who writes music that worked in live theater in Louisville for years.I need help.If you are interested ,you can respond through Medium.If you know of others who might be interested let me know and maybe we can do web addresses ,or Facebook messages.I tried to click on your Instagram and couldn’t for some reason.

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