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I still listen to music on,and buy CDs.Don’t feel bad for me,either.I believe in the product of music.I’m a composer,and I hate that we have lost the art of sharing music in a decorative and informative way.Now,people download and plug in.I find it confusing ,because the artists are not represented in a private way.Each artist deserves the respect that an LP,CD,or tape represents.While I like the quickness of access,it also defies the handing of money from buyer to seller .This is destroying a great period of music,where the individual artist was known by their music,and not by their photos on Twitter,Instagram,and Facebook.It’s part of a long ,slow death of music.Years ago ,their were great composers.Men like Bach,Beethoven,and Mozart that were supported by wealthy patrons and treated like they were part of court life in the upper classes.This grew and grew ,until the great operas of the turn of the 20th century.Men like Puccini,Verdi,and Wagner in Italy and Germany weretreated with esteem by the entire world,and lived very comfortably.As the Twentieth century developed and American popular song began to take the minds of the masses,new technology brought us recorded music.That lead to the selling of recorded popular music as the guage by which writers were made famous.A division was set up that placed live,serious music on the bottom of everyone’s list ,placing the hybrid of classical and popula music in theaters.This was part of the advent of the Great American Song Cycle.Jazz standards were recorded and culled from dance music,and Shows in NYC and London.So,when rock and roll developed and superstars became recorded Gold,and Platinum ,music had already become less serious and easily forgotten.I realize that unless a person actually studies music history they don’t understand this loss.But,it is directly responsible for the moment that Apple brought you.Throw away the artists,and you wind up with a sliver of metal .I will always remember and believe in the great libraries,where Dickens and Joyce were discovered by young readers.I worked at the music library of my school,and catalogued and learned about Buxtehude,Debussy,Stephen Sondheim ,and Janis Joplin.I should mention that Joni Mitchell ,that wrote”Woodstock” is my favorite pop singer.

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