Parents Ask: Is My Baby’s Dick Too Small?
Zak Stone

I would answer:WHO CARES ? ,but apparently it’s a trend.I think that parents are caught up in the “Feminization” of America.This need to be agressive and powerful ,which has become the cornerstone of the “Tea Party” ,seems to have a scary psycho-sexual undercurrent.More women are being raped ,and more men are being pre-occupied with their sexual prowess.This must contribute to this trend of parents,who want their sons to be born ready to provide stud service.I understand wanting to be grandparents,but there are many ways that can happen .

So,how do we protect children that are born to parents like this? This trend is a clear indicator of a generation of misinformation to come.We are experiencing a wide division in America ,brought on by the children of the Reagan Revolution.They are Trump Zombies.It’s like an episode of The Walking Dead.We can watch insane behavior at their rallies.If we want to avoid another ,larger explosion of division ,we need to find a way to rescue these poor childen from being raised by these hateful white supremacists.I feel pretty confident that there should be legal ways to fix this problem.Even if it includes accusing the parents of child abuse.

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