I Was One of the Earliest Pro-Feminist Men
As Told to MEL

I would say that I have never hit anyone.I have never felt like hitting anyone. However,I feel like the story of being raised in stressful environments is universal.We all need to listen to people that need to strike out,and find out what they have to say.I fear that our patriarchal society is the basis of most of this development of warriors.We have treated boys in a positive way ,when they fought for something.Fighting is not a good thing.It should not be in our vocabulary ,but it is.We look for fighters and adulate them.Where is the peacemaker in all this.We should be giving our biggest awards to the people who talk us out of conflict,not the soldiers that had the largest number of kills.This is key to changing the course of our future,as borders become harder and harder to maintain.Europe should be one country with many languages and cultures that eventually will meld.England pulling out was the biggest mistake in history,and it will have negative effects on America.We could lose the ability to promote the English language as the primary language of diplomacy.Spanish may need to become our primary,if the UK doesn’t ask to be re-instated in the EU.All of this is about not fighting.We have to talk,and that means finding a common language.Let’s try sign language ,perhaps.Someone like Nyle Demarco could make a path for us speaking without words.

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