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Jennifer Lawrence may indeed be too talented to work without a proper challenge,but nobody knows what goes on in actor’s mind.She is a hard worker,that relates easily to human struggle.The things that make her special are her sweet charm and honest performance.If the screenwriters decide to give larger blocks of dialogue to other characters,that gives her opportunities to work away from the franchise .

I believe she is a happy camper when treated fairly.Just because she expects to be paid on an equal scale with male co-stars ,doesn’t mean she is bored or putting in less energy.She is a lady who is working for a better future for all.Give her the accolades that you have given Patrick Stewart,and you won’t hear a negative peep.

She is aware that an actor’s career is an arc :That each performer starts small and then grows into a Star that burns hotter than is comfortable.Let her learn to accept the character roles that she will play in her brilliant future.She is an Oscared leading lady,but she can still play smaller roles with great aplomb.

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