The (Real) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Origin Story
Jordan Reid

Jordan,I tried to watch that show.I remember that it fell apart quickly,and I hated the fact that there was no “Strong” female character that I could follow.What happened to your role was stupid,and typical.Even in small time Louisville ,KY. I have seen Men run over and misuse women.There are women producers that repeat the same bad attitude towards the actresses in the companies.Gay guys are respected artistically ,but treated like we don’t matter in the running of the companies.We are tossed aside easily by the white guys that have families to think of,and go golfing to make deals.It’s America .America hanging on to the 1950s ,mom and pop (“Happy Days”) mentality.I know that things are changing,but I’m not sure into what.If we look at Hollywood female producers,very few are as wonderful and pulled together as Tina Fey.SNL was a good school ,and Lorne was a good boss.I think ,speaking of “Happy Days” ,that Garry Marshall was a great leader.So,few Director/Actor/ Producers exist,but they do seem to behave better than the executives you encountered at Fox/FX.God Bless Ryan Murphy ,he’s had his battles on those shores.

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