Bad Moon Rising
Laurie Penny

Laurie,I do feel bad that all of my Bernie-supporting friends are finally accepting the truth,so late.I tried to tell everyone that this was how the numbers came down,but people kept tellinng me to shut up and wait until the convention.I said to my dear ,sweet,liberal- as -can- be,friends don’t do this to yourself,just do what you need to now,and accept Hillary and support her.But, I was called a fool .I’m a little older ,57,and that is probably why I saw it so clearly.I said ,just shift to my idea,please.I have always believed that it is meant to be a year that a WOMAN finally becomes president.So,I suggested that if they all like Elizabeth Warren as much as they say,they should put all their time and energy into adding her to the ticket,and every single one said “we need her in the senate”.So,I made as much noise as I could ,and found that my centrist friends loved her too.But,without the Bernie people switching their heads away from Sanders as a part of the ticket,there just wasn’t enough support to convince Hillary’s camp ,that it would make any difference.

Now,I don’t get to have my two women ticket,and I’ve been putting the idea together,since Hillary decided to run,and I saw Elizabeth speak.Well,enough about that.I only want you to know that everybody hurts a little after these things.Hillary was never an enemy.She was an opponent to Bernie,but they agree on most things,just not on how the money works.I think if we get her elected,then our economy will improve,and things will get better for everyone.I also know that America needs a woman president to fix that supreme court mess .

We can not let Trump get us into an isolationist mode.We will never figure out these terror attacks with the “toupeed fucktrumpet” at the helm.Hillary has more experience being in charge of the power of the White House than any candidate ever.Things with her WILL get better .Tim Kaine,we can put up with,until Elizabeth Warren,or Michelle Obama,or both are ready to take over.