It’s interesting you mention this, I’ve been reading down the comment threads here and there’s a…
Seth Soleyn

My guess is that the electors will fear voting for Kasich ,even if the case is made by Democrats as a logical choice to keep a man that has too many business problems in foreign hands.They are stigmatized and hypnotised,and I had no idea how much celebrity was going to effect our elections in the age of “Duck Dynasty” ,and “The Apprentice”;not to mention Americans have a love hate with British game show hosts with attitudes.

If you’ll remember how charmed our public was by “The Weakest Link” .I hear far too many Americans in the Bible Belt quoting people like Simon Cowell .They are afraid ,and spellbound by these fools.So,they chose to vote for one ,despite the consequences.They still hear “You’re Fired” in their tiny little minds.It sticks and causes impossible circumstances,like conflicts of interest and meddling with our Chinese treaties,even though they are unwritten and unspoken.

The questions will be unfolding as democracies are put in jeopardy by nationalism.This has all happened before,and it will all happen again,if we survive it.The point I fear is where America falls on the political spectrum when the world goes to war.If we are too far to the right,then we will probably lose the battle.That,based on history ,is how it always ends.The middle ,or center will always be victorious.They are the people that carry the mottos of peace and togetherness,rather than winning ,or taking the world over.

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