Parents Now Prefer to Have Daughters Over Sons
John McDermott

My parents blamed each other for my gayness.They fought ,and I heard every word of every argument.What I heard was the parts after “It’s your fault that…”.I heard the “he’s a sissy,..he’s weak,…he’s doomed,…he’ll never get a real job,…he won’t go to heaven”,…and that’s why I’m writing a musical about how the church is ruining the lives of young people across the Bible Belt.My parents loved me,but they started blaming each other for my “condition”.I never had a condition.I am perfectly normal as a sexual creature that happens to be attracted to people of the same sex.However,based on a patriarchal view that existed in human society for generations ,the church is using ancient writings to continue to treat their LGBTQIA children as damaged ,and in need of “fixing”.

This article is a showing a move away from patriarchy.That is a very good thing.It will take generations before we actually fix the system,but the churches must be brought under control.We must even this out,so that judgements are not made about sexes ,in general.

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