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Primogeniture is basically dead now,except on television,in books,and films.So,people that like ancient history,get a kick out of watching women get the shit kicked out of them ,by horrible smelly beasts.Some women must like this writing because the largest audience for historical romances ,like”Outlander”,is womenThanks to the future rulers of the United Kingdom,a law was passed that stopped there having to be a male heir as primary beneficiary of inheritance.Prince George was born a boy,but had he been a Georgette,she would still have been first and inherited the throne of England,etc.

Audiences are not going to put up with sexism much longer.The tongue -in-cheek commentary on the Catholic Church that Martin wrote into Game of Thrones is very good.We understand that the church is completely out of control,and we accept that as something that needs to be addressed.I think that in today’s world the church ‘s guilt for anti-homosexual,and misogynistic behavior is clear as the bells in the tower.So,while the oppressive maleness of who inherits what is completely fiction.The treatment of women and gay men in the story is uncannily the most important thread to follow.

Martin is a pretty savvy writer.I think he knows that powerful women and weak men make the best fan fiction.Perhaps if Jon Snow lovers want him to win something in the end,they need to hope he turns out to be bi-sexual.

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