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Singing Chopin’s Death March from that Piano Sonata was all my ears were cueing .He was talking ,and I was hearing that famous slow movement.It was as if he had declared war,and announced his new network.He could have at least told us that he was paying hackers to attack Twitter.What is he really doing.Is he out -Rushing Rush Limbaugh?Noise is not a network,especially when you have already had your heyday.

So,this was called unforgivable by a few Republican politicians,because they understood the “rules” of the Al Smith dinner.Rudy Giuliani= not so much.Cameras are a way of life ,folks.Nobody said public personas were easy.Especially when they’re capturing and replaying every thing you say.

I remember thinking Lincoln was a great man,and I was always proud that he was from Kentucky,which is home to my family.But now my mother and I live in Indiana .Yes,the Indiana that elected Mike Pence for governor.We are not fans.I am a Gay man,and I don’t need trouble ordering a Pizza,because the Christians who work there refuse to serve “my kind”.Let’s play that Chopin March one more time,so I can laugh my ass off.

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