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So,how do we arrest and remove these Republicans that refuse to participate in giving us a complete Supreme Court.We can not allow McCain,McConnell,or any other Mick to refuse the responsibility that they were elected to achieve.They are the ones that are trying to turn back the clock.The concepts of a proper judge are not political,they are legal.Secretary Clinton would never choose a judge that wasn’t qualified.This is simply the same crazy blocking behavior that the Republicans have been using for the last 4 years,and used every time they didn’t win an election.If we take the senate back ,then the Republicans that are still in must work with their commander in chief.They cannot continue the lies and hatred.It won’t be tolerated by the citizens,Hollywood may be actively focused on defeating Trump,but if this interview is the truth,then they are going to make every Republican a HUGE target.This behavior can not continue !

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