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There is nothing Christian about this philosophy. Following this destruction of the Church since the days of Reagan’s 1980 campaign against a true Christian ,Jimmy Carter, I realised they were going to sell their souls for a psychotic view that is extremely selfish. I remember that the biggest test I went through at a Baptist school in Alabama was listening to the students decide who was going to heaven and who wasn’t, based on their particular church membership and who they supported politically. Religion and Politics are supposed to be SEPARATED in the United States of America. It’s honestly the entire reason that this country was established by English colonists that were persecuted for their puritanical beliefs. In the old days the South was more loyal to England due to it’s connection to the Church of England, but after England declared slavery to be wrong, they had little choice but to start making up their own version of how God thought. I think my daddy’s views about the Republican party were born from two things: He was orphaned as a child, when his mother died, and he was fostered by a Baptist minister. He stood by the creed that “Republican and Christian are Mutually Exclusive”. After watching Ronald Reagan make a mockery of Southern Christians by combining their innate racist tendencies, and then denying the seriousness of the AIDS crisis, I was determined that as a Christian , who was born with a sexual attraction to other males, I was never going to vote for those phoney Christians that call themselves Republicans. I will always support any candidate that can beat the Republican that is running. That is how I do God’s Work.