How to Be a Guy: After Orlando
Jay Edidin

This is a story that fills me with shivers.I am alone.I have no one to be with,and protect me.I take care of my disabled 57 year-old self,and my 87 year-old mother.Every time I go shopping ,and find the strength to walk the aisles of the super- market,then I wonder if some homophobe in Indiana will decide that my governor ,and his running mate Mr.Trump,are speaking the word of God and decide to shoot me,before I can bring my mother’s food and medications to her.

When is there going to be an America where I can be free to be Gay and not worry about the sermon that was made in some local Baptist church inspiring some local farmer to pull out a shotgun and go to the area Target and kill every “fairy” he sees.This is the America we live in .This is the hate that is taught in Sunday School by the sweet mother of 2 children that she is raising to hate the next generation.

I shiver.I cried for a week after Orlando,and yes ma’am ,it was the same way I felt after they killed Matthew in Laramie.I see it .I see ,hear,and feel the hate every single day.I also think about Judy Shepherd and realize that my mother needs me to survive,and she was denied a helpful son.We may never be treated fairly.But,God made us this way for a reason.We walk a thin line between men and women.It’s a line that enables us to feel how both sexes feel.It’s an important point of acceptance,that only members of the LGBTQIA community understand.We are God’s clearest answer to overpopulation .We can help men understand women.We can help women understand men.We can teach children to love each other,and never judge.

We are not evil.We will not bring down society.We may decorate your house,or write you a Broadway musical,or teach you to dance,or draw,or dress you up and fix your hair.But,we won’t hate.We may feel hurt,but that is usually because our best friend’s mother called our mother and told her we can never play with her son again,because we are an abomination that’s going to burn in hell….and we don’t understand …. because we’re just 9 years old.

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