The growing indigenous spiritual movement that could save the planet
Jack Jenkins

This is all land that should be owned by the spirits of the people who have gone before us.Why is there any question about treaties that stood for over a century? I am disgusted that we have to yell, scream and shout to be heard about the unfair and crippling policies of oil companies and their thieving ways.We are destroying our children.This is basically insisting that children be bor without access to water. Animals are upset.Listen to the world around you. How can people be so stupid?Is it necessary to take up arms ?We need to constantly march scream and yell. Hello 1968, I suppose the Oscar ceremony will be one long protest ,because the former Republican Party with the “magic” Rs , as Bill Maher pointed out,have enabled a rape of their values and left us in a Nationalist (as Bannon described his cronies,and Trump’s followers) ,or Nazi nation.Attacking members of other religions(Jews and Muslims), while belittling people that aren’t White(Native, Mexican, and other non-white immigrants), is Racism, and xenophobia. Thanks a lot America! You are no longer the land of the free !