18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is A Far Better President Than Barack Obama
Allan Ishac

This is not real ,is it? If this is from an actual polling firm, then I might as well buy a gun(for the first time in my life) and prepare to defend my liberal butt. It sounds like these cretins are asking to be taught a lesson.You can not reverse the course of history. History is not about making America a whiter place, because we DID THAT , already.History is about making these United States a MORE fair,MORE reasonable, MORE just place to live.That means LESS white, for all you bozos that don’t read metaphor and symbolism into writing.We need to be NATURAL, and that means more AMERICAN. If you add all the people from all the places on these two continents, they don’t become more EUROPEAN.So, YES…. It’s time for a Transgendered Latino to be our president. I don’t think that will happen tomorrow, but we NEED to be OKAY with it, right NOW.

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