The Problem with “Masc4Masc”
Michael Noker

Wow,that’s amazing ! I was thrilled to find something like this on a Sunday evening .I gotta admit that I’m still not at my best thinking place.I will write something more creative when my full artistic crap comes back to me.I have been acting like a “Norma Rae” union organizer since the election.Del Shores is one of my heroes ,and I live in Bible Belt Indiana.

Anyway,I really enjoyed this ,because I have despised being labled my entire life.Sometimes I am called “Ma’am” by phone operators,and I tend to get into nasty arguments over it.However,I am at a time in life when I really don’t give a s**t .So,if they call me “Ma’am” ,I just play along,and complain about my imaginary husband,and tell the caller that I am preparing his favorite dinner for when he gets home,and I need to get back to the stove.

As a composer/pianist ,who worked for years in theater in the Louisville area ,I have a deep appreciation for a good sense of humor ,and you’ve got one.Thanks for making me laugh.With affection,Jon Kitchen.

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