Build Your Own Deep Learning Project via my 30-Hour Course

I’m delighted to announce that I’m offering a Deep Learning course at the NYC Data Science Academy, starting on October 14th. See all the details, including the full curriculum here.

Spread over five Saturdays until mid-December, the course is an introduction to artificial neural networks that brings high-level theory to life with interactive labs featuring TensorFlow, the most popular Deep Learning library.

A two-minute video in which I introduce the Deep Learning course

Essential theory will be covered in a way that provides an intuitive understanding of Deep Learning’s underlying foundations. Paired with hands-on code demos in Jupyter notebooks as well as strategies for overcoming common pitfalls, this foundational knowledge will empower individuals with no previous understanding of neural networks to build a production-ready Deep Learning applications.

Indeed, I’ll help you build your own specific Deep Learning project from conception through to completion. Together, we’ll engage in the following five stages over the course of the, um, course:

  1. broad ideation on problems you’re keen to solve and the availability of relevant data sets
  2. formulation of project specifics, including candidate modelling strategies
  3. assessing the performance of your Deep Learning model relative to benchmark approaches
  4. improving your model performance via neural-network architecture modification and hyperparameter tuning
  5. effectively presenting your project and its novel results

My demo of this course last week proved popular, filling the venue (perhaps it was the wood-fired Waldy’s Pizza that was provided to attendees). To get a sense of the content we discussed, here’s a video from an introductory Deep Learning talk I gave to the NYC Open Data Meetup in February:

“Fundamentals of Deep Learning” talk to the NYC Open Data Meetup on February 28th, 2017

I’m excited to get started. I can’t wait to share my unbridled enthusiasm for Deep Learning and to see the projects that everyone builds! If this excites you too, you can use the promotional code LearnWell on the course page when you sign up to get 10% off.