The System Elected Donald Trump

But America Chose Hillary Clinton

Make no mistake about it, when the counting was over, more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. The will of the American people was clear: they chose Hillary to lead the nation based on her experience and her values.

It was not the landslide that had once been predicted, nor even the comfortable 5 to 15 point lead pundits had been assuring us. The results were close. But every election has a clear winner and loser reflecting the desire of the those entrusted to pick their choice. The people of the United States by their votes chose Hillary Clinton.

Those same pundits now give lip service to Hillary’s popular vote lead, as of this writing, at 700,000, then quickly brush it aside because it did not determine the winner according to our archaic 18th Century system of vote counting. The geographical homes of those majority voters did not translate into a corresponding Electoral College lead.

So then, it was an accident of fate, not the desire of the American people that ultimately elected our next president. Yes, a 700,000 vote lead is a small fraction against the 120 million votes cast, but consider this: it is seven times the 100,000 votes that led John F. Kennedy to a victory over Richard Nixon. It is also 700,000 more votes than Donald Trump received. Projections are Clinton may win by a million or more votes.

The prognosticators are telling us that the election was a call for change, that Clinton wasn’t a strong candidate, that many felt disaffected and that is why she lost. Let’s be clear: Hillary Clinton did not lose. She clearly numerically won, but in the end, Donald Trump was correct. The system did turn out to be rigged.

Mr. Trump was the beneficiary of his own predictions concerning our dubious voting apparatus. If not for a lucky fluke, he would now be back selling hotel rooms and golf club memberships. The point is, it would be a mistake for him to feel he has a mandate — to act upon the outrageous proposals that attracted his losing share of the votes.

He should never forget: most Americans did not vote for him. Most Americans voted for his opponent. In other words, most Americans do not want him to be president. He may want to think hard about that before building a wall, enacting a ban or toying with mass deportations.

For the second time in 16 years, a presidential candidate chosen by the people, reflecting the will, the heart and soul of the majority, has been denied the presidency. Once again, the American people were cheated out of their choice, cheated by an electoral process that protects no one and denies us the very essence of our democracy.

Even the winner of this year’s presidential contest is in agreement with that sentiment. Donald Trump has previously tweeted: “The electoral college is a disaster for democracy”.

Finally, something we can all agree on.

So, after years of failing grades and nonsensical requirements, it’s time for America to became an Electoral College drop out. It is time for America to trust and respect the will of all its citizens.