On Rose Mcgowan And Imperfect Messengers

Over the last week or so actress Rose Mcgowan has been thrust back into the spotlight in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal threatening to burn down the pillars of sexual harassment and casting couch culture that Hollywood is built on.

To which I say burn it all down…

Hollywood has been abusing women and men sexually since it became a thing, the more pieces of shit get brought into the light the better.

But I digress….

Mcgown was temporarily suspended from Twitter for either telling Ben Affleck to fuck off or for publicly posting someone’s private phone number depending on who you believe.

But as you can see from the screenshots below a simple search for “Rose Mcgowan phone number” shows that many other users including the President of the United States have not been suspended for similar infractions.

This led to a “day without women” protest on twitter and to the founder of Twitter at least publicly claiming that things were going to change.

So far so good right?

Then, after as Ms Mcgown said “smoking a j” she made a very strange and slightly racist tweet offering up a bizarre analogy using the N-word. Which to her credit she didn’t spell out.

While I do think there is definitely something to the idea that when white women speak about feminism they are speaking only for and about other white women. (Perhaps the 53% of white women who voted for Trump?)

There are far more qualified black women who can make that argument way better than I can and I don’t want to insult them by making it badly.

Regardless, because of a slightly racist comment Ms Mcgowan is now being discredited for the very real points she was making about the way Hollywood treats women.

Similarly we had the bizarre case of Chris Forrester former Offensive line coach for the Miami Dolphins of whom a video of him snorting “a white powdery substance” that he was calling blow in his office.

The video was released by a Las Vegas area dancer/entertainer named Kijuana Nige who did it “ To prove a point” about inequality in the system as she said on “The Dan Lebatard Show” on Monday Oct 9th 2017. Her logic being that Forrester was being paid millions of dollars a year to be a “leader” while he was doing drugs and hanging out in strip clubs most nights but when Colin Kaepernick kneeled he was black balled.

Again, an imperfect messenger for a perfectly legitimate message.

I have NEVER gained more respect for someone than I have gained for Colin Kaepernick over the last year and change, but he too is an imperfect messenger whether it’s because he’s not the best quarterback in the NFL or the pig socks or the Castro shirt.

In fact Kaepernick has become somewhat press shy since the scandal over him kneeling has really picked up speed precisely because he knows that everything he says or does will be deconstructed to make it so that the clear truths he is speaking can be ignored.

Not to mention the constant deflection and corruption of Kaepernick’s original point about police brutality and inequality.

First it was that he wasn’t good enough to be an NFL starter, than we saw guys like Brian Hoyer, Mike Glennon and others get starting roles and big paychecks.

Then it was questioning what he was doing outside of kneeling before it was revealed that he had donated millions of dollars of his own money and even more of his own time.

Then it was that Kaepernick wanted too much money, except as has been reported by Mike Freeman no one ever reached out to actually see how much money Kaepernick wanted or if he was willing to be a backup.

Finally the NFL itself and owners like Jerry Jones co-opted Kaepernick’s protest changing the meaning from being about police brutality to being about some poorly defined concept of “unity.”

There is no such thing as a perfect messenger.

Martin Luther King had affairs.

Malcolm X was anti-semitic.

Gandhi was racist.

Mother Theresa was a shitty tipper (Ok I made that one up).

If you’re waiting for a perfect messenger before you’re ready to listen to people about their experiences with domestic abuse, systematic racism, sexual assault, or anything that happens to MILLIONS of people around the world each and every day you’re going to be waiting a very long time.

And if you use the fact that a messenger is imperfect because of a shirt they wore, or what they do for a living to ignore social injustice, you’re a coward.

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