LACD1 incumbent Gil Cedillo directly linked with troll Twitter account

A bit of background — it appears that a runoff election is heating up between

You’ll catch him in the 3rd act — keep reading!

incumbent councilmember Gil Cedillo and his challenger Josef Bray-Ali. While this election is still another month and a half away, things are starting to get a bit ugly on Twitter.

This profile photo was ripped off from an LA Times article. A link to Twitter’s DMCA form has been kindly mailed to the photographer which appears to have been acted on

A “parody account” @joe4cd11(“Lyin’ Joe 🤥”) has popped up on Twitter full of vitriol for the challenger (who has a darn good chance of unseating the incumbent), while full of praise for Cedillo.

It’s almost too convenient. Anyways they’ve left direct evidence this lazy troll account is no other than the Councilmember himself or one of his social media lackeys. A BIG thank you to an Eagle-eyed Trollspotter who sent in this tip BTW.

Note that this screenshot of a post Joe made was posted by the troll account while an icon shows Gil himself was logged into Facebook on the browser this shot was taken from:

Not sure if you can catch that icon in the corner. It’s their photo, I just screengrab what they share
Embiggen it

Catch it again?

Why, doesn’t that look so familiar?

Obviously what this means is that either Gil is a troll extraordinaire or he directly sanctions this activity performed by his staff members. Which is it Gil?

By the way, can you screenshot your Facebook page’s ban list and share that for us please? We’re curious to know who else is banned from “Like” or commenting on posts you make.