What Stand Up Paddling Taught Me About Innovation

Even the nimblest among us plateau. Just when you think you can’t improve, it’s time to innovate. That’s why on this October morning I’m lying on my back, embarking on a kinetic adventure. The water below is flat as a mirror. We’re floating among the anchored sailboats off Sausalito, a couple of seals lazily rolling by. It’s 7:20 a.m., and I’m barefoot, about to go shirtless. Possibilities appear when you stretch and cross with the unexpected. Stand up paddling, or SUP, is one of those possibilities, a new sport that’s catching on like wildfire. Today, I’m exploring a fresh offshoot, a version where oddly enough you don’t stand. Or paddle. It’s SUP Pilates, the latest twist on the world’s fastest growing water sport. http://smartup.life/what-stand-up-paddling-taught-me-about-paddling/

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