My perfect job and perfect workplace

This is my job and workplace manifesto.

The ideal place I would enjoy going every single day for the rest of my life.

It’s a working document so it is subject to change.

I believe…

  • ownership is the result of autonomy and mastery.
  • horizontal structures are way cooler than vertical.
  • people should be first.
  • profit should be treated as a side-effect not a goal.
  • we should make the world today better than it was yesterday.
  • people take care of the organisation when the organisation takes care of them first.
  • ego is our worst enemy.
  • culture should be treated as a product.

I know this to be true…

  • life is short.
  • life becomes shorter if you have unhealthy habits.
  • life is meaningless without being able to share it with our loved ones.
  • ego destroys organisations.
  • culture can be treated as a product.

I want to work in a place where…

  • the first thing we do in the office is watch a TED talk and comment it.
  • there are no managers, only leaders.
  • people are empowered to take decisions, even if they result in new learnings.
  • we help our colleagues build their side-job and invest in them.
  • we have a “barceptionist” that prepares great espressos and leads the culture of the office.
  • we don’t need policies, because we hire correctly and rectify soon.
  • we don’t need compliance, because we have engagement.
  • we don’t need HR. We have departments of people that love helping other people.
  • you are allowed to bring your complete self to work except for your ego. Your ego can stay at the door entrance.
  • my working space is customised by myself.
  • I know each colleague by his or her name.
  • there are no maximum holidays, only minimum.
  • we make things happen.
  • you are either in or out.
  • everything is honest and transparent. Even salaries.
  • culture is treated as a product.

I want to…

  • build that place with the help of awesome people.