When developing any personal application, to encourage continued commitment and reduce the chances of an abandoned half-baked app, I focus on projects that integrate with (or solve a problem in) an interest or hobby of mine.

One of these projects is In The Green. Recently, my interest in the stock market has rekindled as the current global situation has stimulated increased movement and volatility across all sectors. With money to be made, the purpose of the application will be illustrated below.

Whilst trading…

While 2020 continues to unravel itself as one of the worst years in recent history, I find myself in a position of limbo upon completion of my coding bootcamp in April.

The motivation building up to the final project, presentations, and ultimately completion of the bootcamp gradually subsided as the days (turn weeks) swept by. I hit a slump. My Github heat-map began to cool-map, the commits lost commitment, and a true feeling of uncertainty festered.

getting lost in the keys.

Did I spend 6 months of time and money invested towards an unfruitful result? …

Most certainly you’ve clicked here because at some point in time you’ve considered enrolling into a coding bootcamp. I was the same. In fact, I’ve just completed my six month part-time stint at the start of April and wanted to share my experience (hopefully provide some insight along the way), and present some considerations that may help with your decision.

Note that I ramble quite a bit so do feel free to skim past the boring bits. Otherwise — TL;DR at the end.

I wish my setup was this clean.


To preface this, I am a Nurse by formal education and have been working as such for…


Web Developer. Theatre Nurse.

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