Why Cable TV is Not Costing You $120 Per Month

Everyone understands that we all have 24 hours per day to do with as we choose. Yet some people manage to do more with a day, than most do in a week.

How do successful people manage to accomplish so much with their time, while other hard working people feel like they are stuck in their lousy job, and barely keeping up with their bills?

It’s the same amount of time for a self-made billionaire, as it is for a fast food worker.

The difference is, the average hard working, middle-class person lacks a specific process and plan to ensure they are maximizing each day, so their results end up being unplanned and accidental at best.

Here is my personal guide for making the most of your 86,400 seconds each day:

  • Wake up early. This is easier said than done. I’ve never been a morning person, and I’ve never enjoyed getting out of bed when it’s still dark out. Who does? Why does that matter though? Do you want to get the most from your day and life, or do you want to sleep in?
  • Write down and review your goals twice every day. Understand your short, medium, and long-term goals, and know WHY the goal is important to you. It’s not enough for me to just say, “I want to make $100,000,000.” in order for it to help drive me through the challenges, I need to tangibly understand why it is important to me.
  • Stop habitually watching tv or surfing the internet. The average American watches 4 hours of tv each day, plus spends 1 hour and 40 minutes on social media sites, which ends up costing them 51.5 (40 hour) weeks of productivity every year. If you earn $100,000 per year now, this one simple change can bump your income to $200,000
  • Manage your time effectively. This means being proactive and scheduled vs reactive.
  • Work smarter and harder. Just because you understand how to work smart, doesn’t mean you have an excuse to slack off. If you can accomplish in 2 hours what takes some people 8 hours, imagine what you can do with 12.
  • Have a healthy work/life integration. I do not like the term, “Balancing work/life” as it implies your life is a 2 sided scale and you can only have one or the other at any given time. Be creative, and find a way to spend quality time with your family and friends while still being productive.
  • Stop waiting for the weekend. Jokes about dreading Monday, or TGIF make you sound and act average and clouds your true potential. There will come a day on your deathbed when you wish you had more Monday’s yet to live.
  • This ties directly into respecting and taking care of your physical health. Did you know that the most common day for a person to have a heart attack is Monday morning between 4A-10A? A poor attitude or dreading your job can literally kill you.
  • If you do not enjoy what you do, then do something else. If it’s not as easy as just switching jobs (we all have bills and responsibilities) than find the little things you enjoy about your current job, and spend those extra 5 hours and 40 minutes every night developing your skill set or secondary career/income.

Read read read! The average CEO reads 60 books per year. The Average American reads 0 books per year. 2065 hours of TV and Facebook per year, and 0 books.

The 1% is not generally evil, but we are hyper-focused and understand that success is not a natural gift, it is a learned skill that is earned through long-term dedication and commitment.

Do you have a specific plan to maximize your results TODAY?

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