The Why and How of MAC HTTP Cookies

How a Cookie Works

What is a MAC

  1. Message owner creates the message. MACs the message using the secret key only it knows. Appends the MAC to the message.
  2. Transmits the message with the MAC appended to some untrusted party.
  3. The message with the MAC is returned to the message owner at some point. A MAC is calculated on the untrusted message using the same secret key. The calculated value is compared with the MAC appended to the message. If the MACs match, the message is trusted.

Combining a MAC and a Cookie

String cookieValue = "Om nom nom nom";
// Mac the cookie value
String macForCookieValue = Mac.generate({value: cookieValue, secret: "server-secret123"});
// Add the "Set-Cookie" header with MAC appended to value
response.setHeader({name: "Set-Cookie", value: String.template("${cookieValue};${macForCookieValue}"));
Set-Cookie: myCookie="Om nom nom nom;yiiS9PMRhBDdDHemtZBa3Gx0hqI"
// Get the value and MAC from the request
String cookieValue = request.getHeader({name: "myCookie").split(";").first();
String macForCookieValue = request.getHeader({name: "myCookie").split(";").last();
String validMac = Mac.generate({value: cookieValue, secret: "server-secret123"});
boolean isValidMac = macForCookieValue.equals(validMac);

What About Encryption?


  • Use MACs as a way to verify data has not changed while passing through an untrusted medium. For example, a cookie value on a client (browser).
  • MACs do not provide confidentially. And encryption alone does not provide authentication. For confidentially+authentication use Authenticated Encryption (AE).




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