I’m going to assume (and risk looking like an ass) but I think the point DHH was making was to…
Elliot Roth

Interesting point about investors and the mentality around growth / profitability. fwiw, a response I got to same question on HN reflects similar viewpoint: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13748434.

A thought experiment — what if investing in a B-Corp was quantitatively correlated with a higher return on investment? This might be a possibility, for instance, when a corporation filed a tax return, they had to include the equivalent of a B-Corp assessment. Taxes are levied in accordance with the stakeholders neglected. ie, corporate oligarchies are very heavily taxed.

Not saying it would be easy to get there, but doesn’t seem impossible and would be a way to direct investment dollars towards businesses that are increasing prosperity for a much broader set of stakeholders.

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