2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 13
Scott Myers

Scene 6


LARRY, 40s, enters the house, holding the door for his wife, CHRISTA, 40s. Their daughter, KELSEY, 18, follows behind.

Kelsey stands beside the doorway and faces her parents. Larry and Christa regard her, arm in arm.

Through the window, we can see an SUV parked in the driveway, moving boxes strapped up and piled high on the roof.

KELSEY: I can’t believe we were able to get that done so quickly.

LARRY: We worked together as a family. You can get a lot done that way.

KELSEY: I guess it’ll be a while before we do that again.

CHRISTA: Oh, don’t be so dramatic, honey. Thanksgiving break is right around the corner.

Kelsey embraces her parents, both at once. They hold together for a long beat. It’s a tender moment.

CHRISTA: But we will miss you.

LARRY: That goes without saying, kiddo.

Kelsey breaks from her parents and turns for the door. As she closes it behind her, she takes in her folks, standing together, holding one another, for one last time. She shuts the door.

Larry and Christa separate. Moving back with folded arms, Christa looks at her husband. It’s a different look this time. There’s disgust there.

CHRISTA: You look tired.

LARRY: (defensive) You’ve looked tired since the day I met you.

Christa angrily tidies up a nearby table. She chuckles to herself. Collects her words.

LARRY: What?

CHRISTA: I don’t think you realize how much it’s taken out of me to be married to such a weak, fucking sucker of a man.

LARRY: Oh, bite me! You know my worst fear has come true — your looks have worn off long before your ability to be a cold, ruthless bitch.

CHRISTA: Well, maybe I’d be less of a bitch if my husband could actually get me off! When I touch myself — cause for god’s sake, no one else is — I think about your friend, Jerry. And the only reason I haven’t done anything about it is cause he actually loves his wife.

LARRY: So there it is! Proof of the devil’s trifecta — my wife’s a whore, a bitch, and a huge C-U-

CHRISTA: Don’t you dare say it! Don’t you dare!

Larry points to a crucifix hanging on the wall, an innocent bystander.

LARRY: I wouldn’t be surprised if this cross here could burn your skin and send you hurtling back to hell.

Larry rips the crucifix from the wall. He walks toward his wife, holding it up to her face.

LARRY: Leave me be, Demonspawn!!

Christa knocks the cross from his hands. Slaps him across the face with earth-shattering strength — WHACK!

CHRISTA: I want a divorce!!

LARRY: You’re gonna get a divorce!!

They stand before one another, shaking, eyes bulging, faces pooled with red. There is so much hatred between them, but also a strange magnetism…

Will they kill one another? Will they embrace?

The sound of throat-clearing comes from OS. They jump. Turn their bodies to find…

… Kelsey standing at the doorway, pale, shocked.

KELSEY: Sorry. I’m sorry. I just wanted to leave my house keys.

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