2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 11
Scott Myers

Scene 7


Behind the counter, PETER, 34, thin, bookish, writes an order on a piece of paper. His customer, KEN, 34, hefty, bearded, takes him in.

KEN: Did you go to Ridgewood?

Peter looks up. Gestures to his t-shirt which reads — Ridgewood High, Class of 2002.

PETER: Yep. What gave it away?

KEN: When’d you graduate?

Peter once again gestures to his shirt. He’s a little curt with his customer, but Ken doesn’t seem to notice or care.

PETER: 2002.

Peter hands the order off to KAYLA, 28, a well-built, fixed-gear riding hipster type. She begins preparing the sandwich, but keeps an ear peeled to their conversation.

KEN: No shit. I was ’02 as well. I’m sorry. I don’t recognize you. What’s your name?

PETER: Peter Erickson.

KEN (thinking): No, doesn’t ring a bell. Were you involved in anything? Sports? Prom committee?

PETER: Robotics club.

KEN: Oh. I see. We probably didn’t cross paths then.

PETER (slight brag): I’m actually working on my PHD thesis. Nearly finished.

Ken isn’t really listening. Seems more intrigued by the past.

KEN: Not really groups that mix. Unfortunate that that’s still the case, huh?

Kayla hands Peter a sandwich wrapped in foil. Peter tosses it on the counter.

PETER: Here’s your BLT.

KEN: Thanks, guy. Love the sandwich you make here. Never skimp on the bacon.

Ken hands over cash for his lunch.

KEN: Nice seeing you, Petey. I’ll see you on Monday.

Peter hands him the change. Nods his head.

KEN: And best of luck on the thesis.

Peter lets off a hint of a smile. Ken leaves the store. Kayla shuffles up to the counter.

KAYLA: That guy’s been in here every weekday for a month and he still doesn’t remember beating your ass in high school?

PETER: I guess when you’re giving someone a swirly, you don’t see their face all that much.

Peter thinks to himself for a moment.

PETER: Do you know what a vanilla chocolate swirly is?

KAYLA (hand up): No. And please don’t tell me.

PETER: Besides, the way I see it I’m taking his lunch money every day.

KAYLA: Can’t knock the power of perspective.

PETER: I’d spit in his sandwich every so often, but he seems like he’s better adjusted now. And all that pork fat’s gonna kill him long before I do.

KAYLA: That’s more like it. Influential from behind-the-scenes. Way of the outcast.

Kayla makes a kung-fu-like salute. Peter brushes her off.

PETER: Make sure we’re not running low on bacon. The good kind, with all the saturated fat.

KAYLA: You got it, Sensei.

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