Google Fonts Won’t Work in React Native App — It Does Now!

I read the docs…followed them step-by-step…asked for help from a friend on Slack…diagramed it and outlined it in my notebook…

Could not. Get it. To work…

Until now. And to be honest, I don’t know how. It worked after re-building it multiple (5?) times. Is 5 the magic mystery development number?

Here’s how I went about solving this problem today:

My notebook.

[Un?]Conscious steps:

  • Go through the articles and follow the steps, step-by-step. That part is pretty easy.
  • Set the stage for what the problem is and make a guess as to what it might be. In this case I guessed the builds weren’t working, as evidenced by how I tried to solve it.
  • Tested other cases using other fonts to ensure it wasn’t a file-specific problem.
  • Closed, opened, ran, and re-ran all the things. Still…nothing.
  • Talked to a friend on slack and he suggested I look at and make sure the file names and the fontFamily name were the same. They were?
  • Ran the build one more time…it works!

Literally called the barista over that was wiping down tables in the coffee shop to show her that it worked. #remotelife

5 hours of trouble-shooting and problem-solving gets you:

React Native App ejected CRNA and linked fonts in assets

Total stokage.