Youtube Mobile

Do You Want a Job in TV? Look Down.

The Future is in Your Hands, Literally

From Cynopsis:

It’s no secret: People are streaming a lot of mobile video these days. App Annie is out to quantify the growth: The app analytics specialists examined the top ten streaming video apps on Android, looking at the 12 months ending in July 2017. App Annie found that, during those months, Americans streamed over 12 billion hours of mobile video on those apps alone. That’s a 45% year-over-year increase. Americans spent more time on YouTube than any other video streaming app, and it wasn’t close; 80 percent of those 12 billion came from YouTube viewing. One other notable tidbit from the App Annie report: A growing number of Americans are using their phones to pay for video subscriptions. During the 12 months ending in July, App Annie finds that Android and iOS users spent $570 million on streaming apps.

The statistics speak for themselves, storytelling is going mobile.

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