Quick question — Have you started your own company before and employed more than 50 people?
Tim Gick

I admire your willingness to keep your business open even though you yourself are poor. Not too many people would give up their personal wealth and comfort and live a modest life in order to keep jobs available for others.

Too often I see business owners crying broke, but then continuing to live in a grand lifestyle when they could downsize, get rid of the luxury cars, move to a smaller home, take less, so employees can continue working. I appreciate that you are not doing that.

So often we tell poor people give up this or give up that, give up your phone, give up your vehicle, give up healthy food, but rarely do we ever ask struggling business owners to give up their cars, homes, vacations? Why is that? Seems unfair, right?

I’ve often heard that raising minimum wage will hurt small business and I can’t help but think, even with a small business it is no ones obligation to live in poverty so that you can have your dream. I think if someone has a small business and their employees are living in poverty, they need to rework their business model because it’s failing.

I sincerely hope that business picks up so that you and your employees can all live a prosperous life! I wish more business owners were humble enough to sacrifice their own wealth for the betterment of the workers. Articles like mine would not be necessary.

Kudos to you for breaking the mold!