But First…

This picture shows most of my family on my dad’s side. As you can see it’s somewhat diverse but most of us, including me, are filipino.
This picture show me and my boyfriend, which portrays my heterosexuality
I think this photo portrays who I am as an individual because I can hardly ever take a serious photo and I love christmas.. Like sooo much. Also I hope this portrays my gender…
I think photo portrays my socioeconomic class because I’ve had many opportunities to travel to different states and countries throughout my life

I hope these photos give you a peek into my life. Although they aren’t much and don’t really go into detail, I think these photos show how happy I am with who I turned out to be and how blessed I feel to have the relationships I have, the family I was given, and the places I’ve been.

The aspects shown in these photos show where I have been throughout my life, such as Hogwarts (a.k.a Universal Studios Orlando) and Oahu, Hawaii. I know I don’t tell my parents enough, but I am so thankful for all the vacations we have gone on as a family. I know that things can get expensive, like hotel and airfare, but they sacrifice so much just so that our family can have these experiences. It doesn’t put as much of a financial strain on them but there are still things we budget on to save up for these trips.

The first picture shows the ones who I am closest to and I feel that being able to take a “selfie” with them shows how close knit we are. The people shown are those who I am closest with. They have all been there for me while growing up. What I treasure the most is the diversity within my family. Because of this I’ve been able to try Ethiopian food, which I’ve found that I love, have traditional Thanksgiving meals, and not-so-traditional holiday celebrations. Because of this, I feel like I have been given the confidence to try new things.

The favorite picture out of these 4 is the one of me and the christmas tree. This is because I absolutely love Christmas because it’s just a time for families to come together and give thanks. It seems cliche but honestly I feel that’s the time when I’m the happiest throughout the year.

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