Time For a Rebuild

What if there was a simple way to reinvent yourself?

We dream and reach for bigger goals, yet something inside of us holds us back. It could be a fear of failure or a fear of success. Maybe we don’t have all of the skills necessary or we don’t live in the right city.

Whatever and wherever our problems may lie, there is a very simple and clear way to overcome them.

But first, a thought experiment called the Ship of Theseus, which states:

If you have a ship built entirely of wood planks, and one by one, you replace every wooden plank with a new identical piece, is it the same ship?

It is a thought experiment, and therefore there is no right or wrong answer.

For this analogy, I am going to say you have a brand new ship. All new planks = an entirely new ship.

Now, what if we took it a step further.

Think of yourself as a ship built of thoughts, feelings, fears, desires, skills, doubts, and goals.

What if you began to change every one of these things about yourself?

Would you be the same person or would you be exactly the person you need to be to do everything you want to?

If you are being held back by your beliefs, location, strengths and weaknesses — then what if you systematically changed each individual piece of yourself into exactly what you want to become?

None of us are born with everything we would ever need to succeed.

Decide to start changing planks and you can become anything you want to be.

Start by thinking about every plank in your life that could be more in line with where you want to go.

Planks are small individual pieces, so make sure you are thinking small enough. It won’t help to say you need a new hull for your ship. You need to specify the 200+ planks connected to build the hull.

Some planks will be easy and some will be hard, but the outcome is a life determined exactly by you.

Start rebuilding your ship.

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