Chelsea demon star dissatisfied with FIFA17 information

Today’s game culture common, the value in the game in their numerical star a few.NBA had several players put forward opinions to the producers of <NBA2K> series, I hope the other side on the information set to be “more reasonable.” now has been open to the football game company fired players, which include Chelsea (data) Bachuwayi striker. Because the <FIFA17> will pass his final set to 59, the Belgian “anger” announced: I went to a football download

In <FIFA17> Ba Tshuva I’s “six round”: the speed of 83, 80 shots, 59 pass, dribble 79, defense 27, body 73
Not lengthy ago, the game business EA announced ahead of time in the new numerical players within the <FIFA17> setting, led to dissatisfaction with Ba Tshuva I. Chelsea striker tweeted his “star card” and complained: “the 59 ball is also low.” then FIFA’s official twitter account to make the response: “Practice tends to make perfect..” but additionally with the dynamic handle of Bachu, passing the instruction strategy of a game. So naughty reply naturally not Belgian identity, Bachu, plus the answer was: “downloading PES”

PES will be the China game player generally stated reside football, FIFA series may be the only competitor. This week, <PES2017> has responded towards the worldwide market place, Ba Tshuva I can be said to give the former free of charge advertising, to ensure that next week prior to the official launch from the <FIFA17> is often a bit embarrassing. Despite the fact that the Belgian later said he was just joking, but nevertheless stressed: “last year with 9 assists are not to pass data 60 is too unfair, I feel we should give a 69”

In September 15th, PES’s official twitter account also for Ba Tshuva I, “Sir, you pass in <PES2017> 73!” seems to pull him into the camp. Immediately after Bachu, waiting for the <FIFA17> demo version, also has quipped: “EA is in ascending pass my data, so. But not a version.” you’ll be able to guess is the fact that Ba Tshuva I was not careful to attempt <FIFA17>, otherwise he will continue to Tucao. Simply because of his capability in the demo version only 80 general, complete pass is only 58, than the star card 81/59 information is reduce by 1 points.

Naturally, the demo version of the data does not represent the final information, and FIFA series of numerical players each week can float, if Ba Tshuva I is in reality properly, he in the game’s potential will be enhanced. It really is worth mentioning that Ba Tshuva I in the <FIFA17> short information was 62, in 65, in reality, not as well poor, just pass 36 low overall. He passes in the <PES2017> data do improved, the air pass is 67, ground pass is 73

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