FIFA 17 complete platform image contrast: Computer conscience optimization

Football 2017 final week soon after the release gained mixed testimonials, a host game player shouted “amazing”, however, Pc game player shouted cheating. Probably the most clear difference amongst the host version and also the Pc version of your game is shown inside the image, that is of course a great deal much less. Each players or light information not as outlined by the host version.

So, exactly the same issue will occur on FIFA 17?
Nowadays, foreign game player with FIFA 17 demo version from the production of Pc, PS4, Xbox, 1 video image top quality comparison of three versions.
From the results point of view, Computer for the optimization in the EA is in location, in most of the scene, the quality with the 3 platforms, like the lawn, the audience, light details are extremely close, it’s hard to say that is improved than the poor.

In this regard, the author believes that the cause for the two games within the Pc platform for the optimization from the emergence of such a significant gap is still associated with the game engine.

“Football 2017> is making use of a customized version with the FOX engine, the former is primarily inside the service from the host platform operates, and Konami just before the firm rarely Computer development version, so to Pc platform may be the climate doesn’t suit 1. is standard.

In contrast, EA is diverse, not just for its Computer platform Qingjushulu, and utilised by the FIFA 17 frost engine is fundamentally a cross platform development tool, so the compatibility and optimization of Pc platform will probably be additional splendid 
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